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In 2010, Joseph Balistreri started his career in the pest control industry where he found himself resolving wildlife conflicts for his customers. He was always looking for the the best solutions to safely and efficiently rid customers’ homes and businesses of wildlife in a humane way. After years of research and studying the behavioral traits of wildlife, the products he needed just didn’t exist. This is when Joseph developed the Critter Pricker. Throughout the development of our product, it has been proven to be easy to use and extremely effective.

We are a brand that cares and focuses on humane pest and animal control solutions without sacrificing results. Critter Pricker is dedicated to protecting humans, our wildlife and the environment. The South Florida based company realized something must be done to protect our customers’ pools, homes, and trash receptacles and we have DONE IT!

For more information about the Critter Pricker, how to install and sizing please check out our “How To” tab. See our YouTube Page

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