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Raccoon Poop

Stop Raccoon PoopIf you are looking for workable solutions for raccoon poop, then CRITTER PRICKER is the right product for getting a quick fix. We provide a solution for when raccoons poop in your pools or attics.

Critter pricker is a raccoon repellent. It is one of the most effective tools to drive raccoons, and unwanted wildlife away from your home and properties.
Critter pricker can be offered as an additional preventative tool after a seal up or trapping service to keep wildlife from coming back in the future.

Get rid of Raccoon Poop

The Critter Pricker is a raccoon deterrent / wildlife deterrent that was developed to help remove and prevent wildlife from entering vulnerable and unwanted locations in your homes, property and pools. The sharp spikes make it uncomfortable feeling when wildlife attempt to step on it. Critter Pricker is easy to install yourself, or ask your local wildlife removal company to install them. The Critter Pricker is a PROVEN wildlife deterrent with video documented results for raccoon poop removal. Please check out our videos of the Critter Pricker in action!

Get Rid of Raccoon Poop
Raccoon Poop


Critter Pricker is indeed a good product to prevent raccoon poop. This wildlife deterrent helps you with raccoon poop removal. This critter pricker is easy to install and we provide the best possible solutions in the veil of sharp spikes that make it uncomfortable for a raccoon to enter your home and pools. This way we can help you clean up raccoon poop.
Yes, raccoons make a communal defecating site where they deposit feces. These sites are called raccoon latrines.
You should immediately clean the area where you find a raccoon latrine near your home. Raccoon feces cause serious illness such as the irreversible brain, heart, eye damage and even death in some cases.
Apple cider vinegar helps repel critters. Raccoons hate the smell of vinegar and this will certainly help you lower the chances of entering and wandering of raccoons in your area.

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