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How to Repel Raccoons from Private Property?

Do not let your private property become the favourite feeding spot of raccoons and learn the ways to repel them from your private property.

No doubt, raccoons may seem cute, but in reality, they are pests to farmers and homeowners. It can be a carrier of diseases and transmit a small number of serious diseases to humans. They are not picky about their habitats, diets, and human presence, so they are content to live and forage in any location, and it may be your property too.

They can found living inside rake and chimneys in your building or residence. They can enter via shingles or siding. They eat both animals and plants so trash cans, discarded food or garbage can be inviting targets for them. Debris and leftover food can invite them, so it is essential to secure the lids over trash cans. It requires pest proof or bungee cords to prevent them. You should properly seal trash cans and keep these trash cans clean else you can invite raccoons.

How to repel raccoons from private property?

• Keep your trees trimmed:

They can enter to your property via tree branches that make the best pathway for them to slip into your upper floor so keep your trees or branches trimmed.

• Cover swimming pools top steps

Raccoons can leave their droppings in swimming pools in your home, so you better cover the top steps. You can use plastic to cover it.

• feed your bird/pet during day light hours

Bird watchers or pet owners should keep an eye outdoor bird feeders, and food dishes as raccoon can raid on a food source or any spot that is used to restock food. Raccoon gets attracted towards the food of your pets so you should avoid leaving pet food out, especially in the night as raccoons are quite active during night times. You should feed your bird/pet during day light hours and don’t forget to empty the dish.

• Seal off your yard or home:

You should check around the house edges and trouble spots from where raccoons can enter in your home. Burrow under fences, broken boards, areas under decks/porches with holes can be the initial signs. You may find it difficult to deal with them in an attic or garden so you should try preventing them from entering your property. You can think about physical barriers around specific areas or entire property to eliminate easy entry points.

• Seal up holes:

You should seal up holes if you find any around the roof, foundation and siding of your home. Any hole wider than three inches can be the optimal entrance for them. You should cover these holes with the help of concrete, expandable foam, caulk, wood, and any other such products.

• use a perimeter fence

You can also use a perimeter fence as raccoons can enter your home via great places or trees. Fence surroundings or an electric fence can work for you.

• Proper sanitation:

Proper sanitation can be the best option to keep them away from your property as they have a strong sense of smell, and they can get attracted towards trash, debris, or leftover food.

• Critter Pricker

This is a finest and comparatively new product that also helps repel raccoons from your home or building. Most of the home owners and pest control professionals have already used this product. It can be a quick solution for such issues. This product is designed to be installed on the targeted area from where raccoons enter or intrude. These areas may include trash bins, attic, pool, and more. You can go with this product and install it on targeted areas that attract wildlife to get rid of such issues.

• Trapping:

You can look for some trapping options to get rid of them.

These are some ways to repel wildlife. Apart from such options, you can go with buying raccoon repellent that you can spray around your yard or garden. You can also use chocolate bars to prevent them from entering your yard as this is toxic to raccoons, and they cannot digest it.

You can call professional wildlife removal service provider to deal with the mess created by raccoons. You should look for the certified and licensed technicians to take care of the issue as they use the right methods and devices to ensure safety and riddance from raccoons.

There are several other ways to deal with this problem; you can choose the best solution that can provide you required outcomes. This is how you can make dealing with raccoons easier and hassle-free. You need not worry about anything as above given ideas can help deal with the nuisance created by unwanted or uninvited wildlife guest, so be ready.

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