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Raccoon’s hands are considered most terrifying and wonderful appendages- know why?

Yes, this is true that Raccoon hands are terrifying and they look so human. They have sensitive hands with tapered fingers. They scratch with hands and take everything in these hands only. They do not have thumbs and it is hard for them to grab objects with one hand. They have to use forepaws together to grab the objects or lift them.

Raccoons are considered as problem solvers and they can easily adapt to suburbs, cities and other habitats. But why they have such hands or why they develop those terrifying hands?

Raccoons: It’s All In The Hands

Raccoons evolved around lake banks and river in South America. They had to adapt to it. They had to use hands to find food buried in silt/mud or they had to use forepaws to find hidden food under the water. It made the fingers well padded and strong. They can use their hands to climb trees, to lift objects and many such things. They have developed these hands so that they can use them for such activities.

Each finger has 4 to 5 times more mechanoreceptor cells than other mammals. These cells detects mechanical stimulus. There are various interesting things about Raccoons and you should know all about it. They can sense with their forepaws too. These animals are smart and their hands are human like.

While other animals use sound, smell or sight to hunt, raccoons only count on their sense of touch. It is said that their front paws has more sensory receptors than back paws. They can easily differentiate between objects with sense of touch. They can get more sensory information via their hands. The population of raccoons has exploded. They can be found all across the globe and their hands can grab your attention.

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